cclive v0.9.3 (unstable) released


cclive v0.7.16 (stable) released


cclive v0.9.2 (unstable) released


cclive v0.7.15 (stable) released


cclive v0.9.1 (unstable) released


cclive is a tool for downloading media from YouTube and similar websites. It has a low memory footprint compared to other existing tools. cclive works closely with the quvi project to work around to the flash technology that is being utilized by different media hosts to deliver the content.


0.9 and later

Free Software, licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3+).

0.7 series

Free Software, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3+)



0.7 is the current stable. 0.9 is the current unstable.

Long-term goals

Maintain the 0.7 series. Develop the 0.9 series which will ultimately graduate as the next stable (1.0) replacing the 0.7 series.


Official releases

STABLE (0.7)
Tip For building instructions, see the Documentation


The repository contains the maint, the maint-0.7, the next and the master branches. See the Contributing page for more information about the existing branches.

Note The repositories contain the skeleton code only, this means you need to run after you have cloned the repository, see the README file for additional instructions and notes
cclive.git (Browse)
$ git clone git://
cclive-np.git (Browse)
$ git clone git://
Tip cclive-np.git holds misc. files related to the cclive project, including this website

Reporting bugs

Report bugs to the cclive-devel mailing list where the development and the maintenance is primarily done. You do not have to be subscribed to the list to send a message there. In the bug report, include:

  • The version of libquvi(3), libquvi-scripts(7) and cclive(1):

    $ cclive --version
  • How to reproduce the bug (in steps)

  • The exact text that was printed out (e.g. if a crash)

  • Anything else you think is relevant

See also the contributor guidelines, if you have written a patch.


Manual pages
$ man 1 cclive
  • The libquvi(-scripts) manpages:

    $ man 7 libquvi-scripts
    $ man 3 libquvi
  • An overview of the changes in the 0.9+ series — cclive-ptnine(7)

  • HOWTO: Compile 0.9+ on GNU/Linux — howto-compile-linux(7)