howto-compile-linux - Overview of the steps to compile cclive on GNU/Linux


This document is an overview on how to compile and install cclive on a GNU/Linux system.

  • This document is Debian oriented but should translate easily to other GNU/Linux systems

  • See the README file for the complete list of the prerequisites

  • This documentation uses VPATH to confine all derived files to a single directory, to keep the source directories uncluttered

  • These instructions were written with 0.9+ in mind, though they could be followed to build and install 0.7 with different {download links}

Building and installation

  • Install the prerequisites:

    $ sudo aptitude install libboost-program-options-dev libboost-system-dev \
                            libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-iostreams-dev \
                            libboost-date-time-dev libglibmm-2.4-dev \
    Note We will install the most recent official version of libquvi and libquvi-scripts, not the Debian packaged binaries
  • Follow the howto-compile-linux(7) installation steps for the quvi components

    Note Install libquvi-scripts and libquvi (you can skip the installation steps for quvi) — return to this page after that and continue from below
  • Get the latest official release of cclive:

    $ cd ~/build/tar/
    $ curl -JLO# ""
    Tip You can also use wget --content-disposition URL instead of curl(1)
  • Verify the download (optional, recommended):

    $ curl -JLO# ""
    $ gpg --recv-keys 0xCAC8C0A9
    $ gpg --verify cclive-*.tar.xz.sig

    Verify the additional SHA512 checksum (for the paranoid):

    $ curl -JLO# ""
    $ gpg --verify SHA512SUMS
    $ sha512sum -c SHA512SUMS
  • Extract, compile and install cclive:

    $ cd ~/build/
    $ export DEST=`pwd`/inst
    $ tar xf tar/cclive-*.tar.xz
    $ cd cclive-* ; mkdir tmp ; cd tmp
    $ PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$DEST/lib/pkgconfig/ ../configure --prefix=$DEST
    $ make install
    $ cd ~/build/


  • The executable can be found in the bin directory:

    $ $DEST/bin/cclive --version
  • Modify MANPATH so that man(1) will find the installed manpages:

    $ export MANPATH=$DEST/share/man/:$MANPATH
    $ man 1 cclive