cclive-ptnine - Overview of the changes in the cclive 0.9


This document is not a comprehensive list of the changes since the 0.7 but a quick overview.

Shaking off the bloat

The goals of 0.9 are:

  • Make better use of the Boost libraries

  • Apply more of C++ eloquence

  • Clean up the code base

Most of this means rewriting some of the code completely which is likely to introduce new bugs that need to be ironed out for the 1.0 (next stable).


0.9 aims to retain the backwards-compatibility with the 0.7 series. That said, there are likely going to be minor changes (e.g. --quiet and --verbose-libcurl → --verbosity).


Improved option parsing

While Boost.Program_Options is a useful addition to the Boost libraries, it is also one of the least documented one. 0.9 aims to improve the use of PO.

Improved input parsing

RFC2483 is now supported. This makes it possible to use cclive 0.9+ with quvi 0.9+. The input URIs are now also properly unescaped.

$ quvi dump PLAYLIST_URL | cclive
$ quvi scan URL | cclive
libquvi 0.9+ support

cclive compiles now with either libquvi 0.4 or 0.9+. When compiled with the latter, cclive will hint using ‘--stream’ instead of the (now deprecated) ‘--prefer-format’ option.

Removed features

All of those features marked as "deprecated" in the 0.7 have been removed in the 0.9 series.

Licensing changes

See LICENSE for more information.


0.9 and later

Free Software, licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3+).

0.7 series

Free Software, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3+)


See Further maintenance of the 0.7 series will take place in the maint-0.7 branch.


The 0.9 series is unstable. Expect bugs. 0.9 will gradually mature as the next stable (1.0) replacing the current stable (0.7).

If you are a packager

Unless you are packaging bleeding-edge software for a bleeding-edge distro, it is best to wait for the next stable (1.0).


cclive source tarball contains the README file which will cover the basic instructions and provides any additional information (e.g. regarding any non-standard options not covered by GNU Autotools).

Note Read the README first, it is maintained by-hand and exists for a reason

If you cannot find the answers in the README, post your questions to the cclive-devel mailing list. It’s possible that some of details may still be missing from the README. The INSTALL file is the standard file provided by GNU Autotools.




$ make doc

For additional notes, see the README files.

Manual pages

The manpages (source files) are written in asciidoc(1) syntax and can be found under the doc/ subdir. They are accessible (after installation) in the typical way:

$ man 1 cclive

Reporting bugs

cclive-devel mailing list

Use the this list for discussion and reporting bugs, see